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I was at a concert earlier this week and the singer took a few moments between songs to thank everyone for being there and for the continued support of his music. It was a heartfelt moment when he expressed that if it weren't for all of the people in that room, he couldn't do what he loves to do.

It got me thinking about what I do for a living and how much I love every moment of the process of it and feel so blessed to be able to do this every day. While the singer was expressing his gratitude to his fans in the crowd, it got me thinking about the people that exist that allow me to have my dream job. I wish that I could thank them the way that a famous rockstar can as he stands in front of his cheering crowd but the people that buy my photos and greeting cards are pretty much anonymous to me.

Even though I don't know who they are I know they are out there. If any of them somehow comes across this little blog, please know how much I appreciate you finding my stock photos, stock videos, illustrations and greeting cards useful. There are times that I create something a bit off the wall that and I think, will someone actually find this useful? And the moment that it gets downloaded or purchased on a greeting card, I appreciate the fact that someone gets it no matter how weird or goofy it may be. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate you for allowing me to continue this career that is so much fun that it barely feels like a job.

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