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Leaving My Commercial Studio Space

I still have my studio space for 4 more days but I’m ahead of schedule and have completely emptied it out. I have mixed emotions about no longer having the space. I’m looking forward to the extra savings each month to invest in new ways of creating. I’m excited to get myself outside more often to shoot. Also, I look forward to focusing more on greeting card design and not feeling so guilty about sitting at home on my computer instead of using the space. I’m sad about losing the convenience to just run to the space and create a new fisheye character quickly or to root though the 13+ years of props that I had accumulated to see what interesting photo ideas I came up with. I’m grateful that I was able to have met and worked with so many wonderful people that came to the space to shoot with me for my stock collection. I remember every shoot that I did there with great detail. If you modeled for me, thank you for being part of my photographic history! It wasn’t a pretty space, but the magic of creativity happened between these walls is what was beautiful to me.

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