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My Favorite Images of 2017

As the year winds down, I thought that I would share my personal favorite images that I created in 2017. It's been a whirlwind of a year and sometimes I'm not even sure what inspires me to shoot. Some shoots are planned, some images are digitally manipulated into something new, some I just have the camera along with me where I am already going, sometimes my pets do cute things, occasionally I'll run across an item at an estate sale or thrift store that gives me an idea and sometimes I just lock myself in the studio with the camera and see what happens. So here's a little recap of some of the images that I took in 2017:

Man playing guitar by Sewickley Bridge

Christian NDE

Cat on a Leash

Man taking a selfie at Coopers Rock State Forest, WVA

Woman taking a selfie with her cat

Boy discovers virtual reality

Beautiful teen girl playing acoustic guitar outdoors

Senior vet with American flag

Silhouette of woman with drinking problem

abandoned house

Victorian NDE

Cat with mouth wide open


Smiling little girl


teen boy in kayak

creepy doll

silhouette of woman playing flute in tunnel

couple stretching for an autumn run

Stock Photographer in the Studio

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