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Redneck Renee

I'm bringing my Fisheye Characters to life one by one! Today, I added over 35 brand new clips of one of my funniest characters, Redneck Renee! You can find all of her collection (videos and photos) on iStock by clicking here. In the latest video clips you will find Redneck Renee in all sorts of situations including a wide range of emotions to urging you to get off of her property to playing guitar and singing and yes, even picking her nose. She's a classy one and I know you're going to love her like a sack of puppies!

If you prefer photos for your graphic designs, check out the many stills of this charming country gal that I have available. See also her mullet look. Watch out for more of that look as they are currently being added in my collection as we speak:

Redneck Renee Stock Photo
Hillbilly Fisheye Character
redneck woman
Hillbilly with Mullet

redneck stock images

Ya'll come back now, ya hear?!

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